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  Maine Scratch Tournament Rules

  1. Entry Fee - $5000 (CASH ONLY)
  2. Bowl 4 games across 8 lanes in qualifying rounds. This is a "scratch" tournament there will be NO handicap. There will be 2 qualifying rounds at 9:00am & 11:30am. Lanes will NOT be "oiled" between qualifying rounds. Re-Entries ARE allowed. However, only highest qualifying score will count. A bowler may only hold one qualifying position.
  3. The number of bowlers to advance to the Match Play Finals round will be determined by the number of entries (including Re-Entries). Bowlers with the highest qualifying scores may receive "byes" in the Match Play Finals based on the number of bowlers advancing to this round. All bowlers advancing to the Match Play Finals will "cash" in the tournament. Ties will be broken with a two frame "roll-off". The breakdown for qualifiers will be as follows:

0-19 Entries 4 Qualifiers NO byes

20-29 Entries 6 Qualifiers The top 2 will receive a bye in round 1

30-39 Entries 8 Qualifiers The top 2 will receive a bye in rounds 1 & 2

positions 3 & 4 will receive a bye in round 1 only

40-49 Entries 10 Qualifiers The top 6 will receive a bye in round 1

50-59 Entries 12 Qualifiers The top 4 will receive a bye in round 1

60-up Entries 14 Qualifiers The top 4 will receive a bye in rounds 1 & 2

positions 5 10 will receive a bye in round 1 only

  1. Match Play Finals will begin directly after the 11:30am Qualifying Squad and will consist of ONE-game SINGLE-elimination matches. Lanes WILL be "oiled" before the start of the Match Play Finals. Bowlers advancing to Match Play will be "seeded" into the Match Play Bracket based on qualifying scores. The bowler with the Highest Qualifying score will start the match. The match will begin with the starting bowler bowling the 1st frame only on the left hand lane then bowlers will bowl 2 frames each until the match is completed. Ties will be broken with a 2-frame "roll-off".
  2. Any apparent alteration of a qualifying score sheet will result in Disqualification. ANY changes/corrections must be initialed by a tournament official.
  3. Brackets will be available to all bowlers in each qualifying round. Each qualifying round will have its own set of brackets. Brackets will cost $5.00 each and will be paid out at the completion of the round, $25 for first and $10 for second (for each full bracket). Ties will split first and second place prizes.
  4. Side Action will be avail each Qualifying round and will cost $10.00 ($8.00 to side action pot and $2.00 to administration cost). Side action is for each game if less than 20 entries only one place is to be paid each game if more than 20 entries 2 places will be paid each game at a 60/40 ratio. Example if we have 20 side action entries each game would pay $24 for high game and $16 for second high game.
  5. The final tournament of the year will have $200.00 added to the Prize Fund. You must meet one of the following conditions to be able to bowl in this tournament.
    1. Be a past Maine Scratch Champion in any season.
    2. Bowled in at least 5 tournaments THIS season.
    3. Have at least 6 paid entries or re-entries THIS season.

The Format for this tournament will be the same as all others with the only exception being that regardless of the number of entries there will be at least 4 qualifiers.

  1. Bowler Of The Year each participating bowler will receive Bowler Of The Year points based on the following schedule:
    1. Each Entry = 7 Pts.
    2. Each Re-Entry = 4 Pts.
    3. Qualify for Match Play = 18 Pts.
    4. Each victory in Match Play = 15 Pts.
    5. High Qualifying Score = 9 Pts.
    6. Tournament Won = 10 Pts

The Bowler of the Year Award will only be counted for the first 10 tournaments and the award will be presented at the Final Tournament of the Year before the 1130 squad.


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